Reflections: Where the Ethical is Political

Over the years I have come to discover a passion for writing. After a bit of thought and much encouragement from few close friends, I decided to start this blog, naming it “Reflections.” Reflection is not just a powerful mechanism in learning but is also an ethical practice. Freedom of expression is an inextinguishable right. To speak and to write should no longer be viewed as mere personal hobbies. We ought to move beyond that. The silence needs to be broken. Therefore, to speak and write is to question any force that prides on silencing voices. Reflections is therefore an ethical imperative.

The articles/posts that I would post here reflect my own perspectives about realities and experiences. Experiences, even when personal, has the potential to impact people around. With that in mind, the content of the posts would range from informed ethical and theological reflections to informal personal notes. They may all be mere reflections, but they are ethical.