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Pray “against” this End-Time Project

A few years one of my friends showed me a brochure that made mention of an End-Time Project. I then put up a post on Facebook critiquing this whole idea of building a new Temple/Training Center. I am not sure if this project is still on, but if it is, then this write up would… Continue reading Pray “against” this End-Time Project

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“Get Up, Stand Up!” – Song of Protest, Pentecost, and Empire

The first thing that came to my mind when I thought of music that echoed the themes of protest and resistance was Rastafarian music. The spirit(uality) of Rastafarian music can be discerned in its questioning of hegemony and in its powerfully evocative lyrics insinuating non-compliance with the Empire. The song “Get up, Stand up” written… Continue reading “Get Up, Stand Up!” – Song of Protest, Pentecost, and Empire

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What is our Lenten Ethic?

Fasting, praying and repenting are what we do in this 40-day period. Right? Though this may be a loose perception of what lent actually entails or should entail, such deeds are nevertheless immanent to the season. Only try making the attempt to understand these virtuous demands in the light of the exploitation and mistreatment meted out to people on an hourly basis and it would take a new meaning altogether. Think about this: where does voluntary fasting (from food or anything else) place itself in the context of forced poverty? What do self-examination and repentance mean in the context of violence and suffering? Perhaps, lent should become a time of "engagement" rather than a time of "denial."